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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Magic Pill

"The physician who, though knowing the disease, does not reach the inner self of the patient with the light of his knowledge, will not succeed in his treatment." ~ Charaka

This would apply to anyone seeking to facilitate healing in another person. It is so very easy to get caught up in the physical aspects of disease and symptoms; usually those symptoms are screaming at us to get our attention! But that's just it -- they're trying to tell us far more than what is so readily apparent. Even CAM practitioners, therapists or consultants can easily fall into the trap of simply providing someone with material substances that, while helpful, do not reach the "inner self of the patient." Because our culture fantasizes about The Magic Pill, even those of us who know better can misstep or lose our way, especially when someone is in pain right now and seeking our guidance. We must do our best, and yet remain firm in our Truth. Illness occurs in so many ways and we become susceptible to the toxins of our world through wrong use of senses, will, body, mind, and speech, as well as others.

True healing is self-healing ... and that kind of healing comes from the light within each of us.

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