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Saturday, September 18, 2010

High in the ether

A passing of spirits carried high in the ether that can now venture near, soaring through the subtle movements, darting now with ease in and out of our very bones, catching us off guard at times sending chills up and down the spine or shivers to mobilize the energies like a vibration beyond the world of form, intangible but very real. Voices call from beyond, whispers on the wind ... listen. The veil begins the thinning, the slight changes daily as the year wanes toward deepest center, still vigorous but chants of change, waning wisps, more and more subtle, feeling barely there ... can you catch it, the sensation of spirit riding rampant upon the rippling tides of reparation. “Reparation?” A word out of nowhere, out of the ether; to make amends?

Full work is Autumn Chai

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