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Monday, September 27, 2010

kids these days

So, we're sitting on the couch, talking quietly, when all of a sudden the dogs go crazy, Phoenix starts running around with bug-up-his-butt syndrome (as the youngest k9, this happens quite regularly but usually we see what sets him off), and that gets the pack all wound, with Morgana barking, Pooka chasing and growling (trying to get everyone back under control), and Chiana frantic because she's no clue what is going on! Crazy!

I say "Kids these days!"

Ron says "Good thing dogs don't do drugs or we'd be in big trouble!"

We are grateful we have fur-kids and not two-leggeds... :-)

(the photo is a few years ago in a quiet moment -- back when Phoenix was still young enough to need a crate when we were gone from the house)

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