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Saturday, September 25, 2010


"From her very flesh and blood and from the constant cycles of filing and emptying the red vase in her belly, a woman understands physically, emotionally, and spiritually that zeniths fade and expire, and what is left is reborn in unexpected ways and by inspired means, only to fall back to nothing, and yet be reconceived again in full glory."

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Women Who Run With the Wolves

I am particularly drawn to this imagery as a way of connecting with my creative Self. We are so hard on our own creations and creativity, aren't we?! Expecting constant manifestation in a form that is gloriously perfect! Yet, understanding natural flow is comforting and reassuring; to know, truly know, that waxing and waning is fine, that birth, death, rebirth are fine and simply express transformation, not an end. To realize that perfection is only perception related via comparison is freeing and transformative in itself!


  1. Perception of creations is so personal anyway: when I look at a Turner or Stubbs painting I think "Amazing!" Yet when I look at a Van Gogh I think "Nice, yes, but not what takes my breath away." but it obviously takes away others breath for them to pay such vast sums of money. It is great that we all have such varied tastes and then there is always someone around to appreciate what we create whether that be writing or art.

  2. Absolutely. So much beauty! I had to google Turner and Stubbs...I have never studied art, not even in school, so have only been exposed to it casually and couldn't tell you the difference between any of it. I just enjoy whatever I see (mostly) and hope it brings love, peace and joy on some level to artist and witness both.

  3. I was quite fortunate in that there was a major art gallery just down the road from the secretarial college that I attended in Manchester city centre. While others spent their lunch times walking round the shops, I spent mine enjoying the art. A Stubbs painting is one that especially stayed in my memory: superb detail.

  4. That's so cool you did that; Stubbs' work is definitely beautiful.


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