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Monday, September 6, 2010

To Doodle

I've recently discovered doodling on my iPad - a fun and easy form of creativity that puts me in touch with another side of myself, that can be easier to access at times than my writing, because the doodling takes me totally beyond 'thought' and removes me from my 'mind.' Very cool.

I notice that I'm more comfortable saying that I "doodle" rather than "draw" or make "rhymes" rather than "poetry". These are simple terms for simple forms, without any pretense of professionalism or 'art'. I label using the standard 'drawing' or 'poetry,' though, in order to encourage a sense of connection within my Self to what is traditionally considered art and creativity.

Anyway, the doodling definitely releases a different energy - more childlike - than does my writing! LOL MORE DOODLING


  1. I love your doodles, Darla. What app on your iPad are you using. I have a work iPad. Would love to try the app you're using! :-) xoxoxoxo Susannah

  2. Thank you, Susannah. They are so fun! It is Qvik Sketch and free; I bought one of the fancier ones but it was more complicated and took me back into my head! Enjoy! (((bighug)))


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