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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Healing the Mind

"Healing the mind involves healing how we relate to the world. It means establishing a society or group of friends that draws us upward. ... Therapy should be the beginning of communion what is called in Sanskrit Satsanga, the company of those sincerely seeking truth. However, better than going to a therapist is frequenting the company of spiritually elevating people."
~ Dr. David Frawley, Ayurveda and the Mind - the Healing of Consciousness

For me, this came in the form of a few close spiritually elevating people for short periods of time and at various points in my life. But, because of my bond with the written word, it has also consisted even more of spiritually elevating authors whose books have provided support, encouragement, wisdom, and communion. As I've mentioned before, I feel that writing and words create a virtual community and, knowing that we are all part of a greater collective consciousness, these thoughts shared through the written word are quite a powerful energy. Combined with journal-writing, these inspirational authors have seen me through a lot!

"Whatever problem we have psychologically ... is just an expression of mental indigestion."


  1. This blog entry is so pertinent to my weekend guest and I hope you don't if I copy the quote by Dr Frawley. I know she won't come to the web and read blogs but this is a message that I have been trying to relay to her this weekend, as she is surrounded by people who drag her down rather than help her to rise to her full potential.

    Great post!

  2. That should have said: 'I hope you don't mind if I copy'!!! Brain isn't in gear after a sleepless night due to torrential rain, thunder and lightening.

  3. Absolutely share that quote with your guest! (and I knew what you meant, no worries! LOL)


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