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Monday, April 13, 2009

Trees and a Robin

This morning, following meditation, I looked outside to see our paths in the trees. Each person a tree, each tree showing the paths we could travel. Where do we branch out? Which fork do I take? Will this path lead me astray from my true purpose? Where is the strength of my heart directing me? Is it the central trunk that will provide me with more growth or the branch that then becomes the central trunk? If I branch out to take the tempting and enticing adventurous limb, will I still be able to follow my sap - my inner strength - back to my center? If each person is represented by a tree, what will happen if all the trees are clear-cut and gone? Will we no longer have a path?

We've been buffeted by powerful winds for the past day or so. I see in the yard this morning a precious Robin eating then lying down when a strong gust of wind sweeps through. As he struggles to stand again, using one wing as balance upon the ground, I notice that he only has one leg showing. He hops carefully along the ground, then rests his red breast upon Mother Earth, then continues. I stand inside my home and direct the healing energy of Reiki to this little creature, doing what I can to provide him with support. As he heads toward the fence, I put some Arnica, Aconite and Emergency Essence into a saucer, add some water, and quietly carry the shallow dish out near Robin. He seems unable to fly and hops through the fence wire, heading to the safety of the woods and a stout, low-growing baby pine tree, nestling into the leaves. I carefully place the dish as near as possible, continuing to send Reiki, as Robin watches my every move. I then back away and return to the house. I send him (((LOVE))) and (((HEALING))).

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