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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mushroom and Hummus

Having one of my favorite dinners tonight so thought I'd share it with you! On the bottom is baby spinach, next layer is quinoa, topped with a Portobello mushroom cap filled with a thin spread of hummus and ground flax seed sprinkled over it. I made 'smashed' red potatoes with seasoning and cheese, plus baby carrots, as the sides. All organic, all YUMMY!

What is one of your favorite meals?!


  1. Sounds lovely, bar the quinoa: for some strange reason I can't stand the taste of it!! Very odd!

  2. You and my husband! LOL Usually I make it with rice so I guess I'll go back to that which is too bad because I really like the quinoa and it is an excellent protein source - very nutritious. Ah well... :-)


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