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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Purple Bow-wow

Chiana received her 'Spring Do' and looks totally adorable. She's always so perky after having her hair cut! Two years ago, when Chiana hit 10, I figured enough was enough for both of us - not only did she dislike having her hair tugged (which meant it took a LONG time to groom her exceedingly difficult coat) but I finally reached my limit as well (having been grooming Collies since 1986). So, she now gets her hair cut - shaved down quite short actually - two to three times a year and we're both much happier. :-) We had to go to a new place this time, though, as her former groomer could no longer tackle the job due to carpal tunnel syndrome. But the new place did a fabulous job and Chiana didn't seem at all stressed when I picked her up. They even put a cute little purple bow in her hair!

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