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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Okay, so I've been working to improve my memory. Why? Because I'm taking study courses and remembering all this information would be a good idea! LOL When I first started my A&P (Anatomy & Physiology) course, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to recall much of the terminology and information. However, Cognis Essence came to my rescue (I think I tweaked it a little while making my own personal blend)! It really helps me ground and focus - and not get panicky. So, I've settled into a system of study for the A&P course which is working quite well for me. Phew! Concurrently, I'm studying Ayurveda so the load is fairly substantial and yet I feel calm and confident. The inverted asanas of Hatha Yoga also seem to help with brain-work as I usually feel more focused after shoulder-stand. I know there are herbs that help with memory as well, although I haven't used any of those. So far, the Cognis (two of the key flower essences in this blend have yellow blooms - yellow has often been aligned with 'thinking' energy) and Yoga are doing the trick for me! :-)

Of course, the subject of memory encompasses more than simply the desire to memorize information for a specific need. While, for me, this is currently an important part of continuing education, there are also other aspects of which to be aware.

Conscious memorization is very much a 'left-brain' function. In fact, the majority of our cultural focus in today's world revolves around the logical left brain. But are we using it or is it using us? How obsessed have we become with all those left-brain activities?! Do we balance our lives by bringing in creativity, play, spirituality and the pure bliss of being present? NOTE TO SELF: Create! Play! Be!

From a holistic perspective, is it possible that the rise in dementia-type illness is directly correlated to our cultural focus upon 'memory' and thinking while lacking support in the right-brain functions? Are our left brains literally reaching 'burn-out' as a collective? Hmmm... food for thought?!

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