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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blue Grotto Within

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
When I feel like I'm chasing my tail, I hear Her voice, Self voice . . . "slow down." 

Crazy whirling busy-ness of life, the pace can escalate, frantic thoughts and emotional panic, and--pause--a deep breath--calm--the spiral slows, eases, no longer out of control and spinning wildly. 
Contemplation, even for the space of an inhale and exhale. Release.
And not only is it Her voice I hear but all voices, the clamor for peace is deafening and I send universal vibrations that connect us all. Who among us has never felt the tornado whipping around their insides or driving them to distraction externally? I see my own path and calmly soothe the strands with cooling coconut oil, massaging the heat out of the tense knots, and feel the relaxing of panic and fear. Adrenalin rush slows. The balance of cold and hot is a blessedly warm embrace and I am fine. Not too slow do I spin so as to fall into the pit of depression, not so fast that bits are flying off in all directions. Balance.
And, instead of chasing my tail trying to catch what cannot be caught, I am nourished and nurtured through the gentle waves sweeping over me, the sea calm.

The darkness begins to lighten into a deep iridescent blue and then azure gleams with sparkles of light as I swim in Her crystal clear presence. She is not a being 'out there' but within--Self--for we are One, not separate. My Beloved is within and so our ocean of love is complete in and of itself, and I swim with all of Life . . . joined.
Dawn breaks on the horizon as I emerge from the grotto where light mysteriously shines without a source because She is Light and always here showing the way. When within the Blue Grotto I can see more clearly my spiral, this life I am living, this thread that is me woven, waving like the seaweed gently to and fro, tangling when storm-tossed or softly swaying in gentle currents of loving motion that is my own true nature. 
And I see this. All our natures are same yet not. The currents are clear, the vibrations I transmit are unique to this form I swim in, as gloriously individual as river is from ocean and yet we are all the same Source. I am a lake or a river or an expansive sea. I have a calm reflective surface or bubbling white foam churning around boulders or crashing waves. Yet I am still no different from all, only appearing unique within the infinite manifestations of life. 
My spiral, the thread of what is me, is the journey of soul within this form. Yet knowing now the One-ness, the interconnectedness of us all, no, more than connected--ONE--is beautiful and brings tremendous peace. So when I see myself, chasing my tail, eating my Self, I feel the strength of Source in our Blue Grotto, for and of us all, to pause . . . breathe . . . tread water a moment . . . float on my back, buoyant, lifted and supported until the calm permeates every fiber. 
The Blue Grotto on the Isle of Capri is remarkable. As I sank into this contemplative writing, I was transported back to those moments decades ago within this ethereal womb of Gaia.

And, for those of you who join me for the love of all beings furry...
Phoenix Sunbathing Tuesday Morning


  1. The two lines beginning with "crazy whirling busy-ness of life" describe my entire month of January to a "T." So glad that's in the past. The quiet scene of Phoenix napping in that square of sunlight calms the chaos for me like little else can. Although if someone wanted to send me to the Isle of Capri, I would not object. ;)

  2. I'm glad that craziness is in the past for you, too, Brenda. :-) These beautiful critters enhance our lives SO much, don't they?!


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