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Friday, March 18, 2011

Look Into Her Eyes

look into Her eyes
and see the blue skies
clear and bright
then with stars glowing
in the night
when shift comes 
and the world hums
in wonder flowing
dreams that drift
around or toss
our thoughts
so high they slide
down a rainbow 
into the glistening pool
that waits serene
and at peace between
the forest and the field
where gentle hearts 
join hands without parts
and are Whole

Expressions flowing without catching their tails in closing doors 
or snagging their sleeves upon window sills rough from disuse, 
where splinters caught in tender fingers 
remind us to be aware when 
leaning out open windows 
that always we are exposed yet this is good 
to lean and feel the rush of wind fresh and clean into stuffy spaces, 
the cool ocean breeze or warm shallow zephyr, 
depending upon Her mood, 
that carries us places where only 
She knows our Truth and 
She shows it to Self.
When I look into Her eyes all around, 
upon the ground or skies above, 
I know and see Her Love as I am exposed and continue to express...


  1. I see that pool, mirroring the forest and field. You, me,and everyone else are all there.

  2. We see with the same eyes...blessings to you, m'dear!


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