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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Imagine All The People

We are One and yet of so many forms and species, and within each of us are many facets, many roles we are playing, many personalities and emotions emerging. Macrocosm and microcosm. Reflections upward and downward, within and without. From out of the vast cosmos we express Creation and our Souls manifest from Infinite Spirit where we all reside, healing through the vibrations of Akash as Source sings life into Creation. Celebrate Diversity! We are all children of Infinite Spirit as our feelings are children of Soul - all are loved. All are blessed. 

There is an earlier post of mine titled Imagine, Entering into Joy that I offer in prayer . . . 

And, while the video below of the gifted David Archuleta singing John Lennon's incredible "Imagine" is not the full song, David's voice is so pure as it carries the message of peace that I had to share it. Enjoy!


  1. You move between the personal and the universal effortlessly (or so it seems). It is truly an honor to read you.

  2. With full heart and tears and in my eyes, thank you ... I love that my sharing resonates with you, for your writing always touches my soul deeply.

  3. I am imagining, envisioning us all held as ONE in a fragile eggshell, within a circular nest, comforted within the Womb of the great ONE, Mother of all that is.

  4. Perfect, Laura, as only you can envision . . . hearts beating as One. _/\_

  5. Wow, really enjoyed this uplifting post, thanks!

  6. Wow - he has an amazing voice! He has put new soul into that song. I have always loved the song - so simple and so powerful in its meaning. We are indeed all one. Thanks for this post - it has lifted up my heart.

  7. I saw a piece of art in a yard today that stopped me in my tracks! it looked like a 3D version of one of your soul cards. I am going to have to take my camera over there and get a photo!

  8. I'm so pleased that you found the post uplifting, Diane and Stoneweaver!

    Brenda, that would be so cool -- I will watch for it on your blog! :-)


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