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Monday, March 7, 2011


Teacher says "I can show you symbols--pointers to the infinite mysteries of the universe--but only if your heart is open will you truly see. It is the same with all forms."
We think we have the answers but we don't really for all we do have are more questions and an ego that pretends we know it all. I know nothing. I am nothing. Yet I am All and One and Divine in Being.
If I get distracted by or attached to the symbols, pointers, lessons, people, life . . . then what? These are forms. Can I see within? Self and Form? 
Beautiful is the energy flowing within, between, everywhere. Feel it moving and soothing, invisible until it becomes visible, yet visible all along.
Science emphasizes the unknown, the mysteries, for the more we learn the less we know and that is when we have the potential to move into true wisdom, transported to another plane of awareness . . . one that is pure knowing . . . true being . . . 
We think that it is our eyes that see but Truth is seen with the Soul, the Heart.
Spirit dwelling within all forms shows itself at all times, from moment to moment, but do we see Spirit?
Teachers guide and gratitude swells for the lessons. Beginning or middle or end of life makes no difference for we learn in every second. Truth speaks to all without prejudice and comes through us in many forms, all from the same core of being and knowing. All Truth is from Source where we dwell in perfect stillness--connected, immersed, touching the Divine and infused with Her.
Forms, symbols, words--illusions meant to help us understand and find our own inner wisdom. The pure Truth that lies within All.
More and more teachers are emerging, sharing, as Her Truth speaks through all of us and we realize our own Divinity needs no intermediary, no bridge--remove the delusion of bridge and we are One. No bridge, no gap, only Being.
Within contemplative writing comes insights and reassurances that are from somewhere True . . . teachers, yes, but also I begin to realize and embrace that what I have learned is what I already know. Truth resonates pure and strong in perfect harmony, needing neither symbol, definition, explanation or direction.
Symbols to Self


  1. I like that - "symbols to self". It's so important to know the symbols for what they mean personally...

    Always interesting to read the cards and what they reveal to you, Darla, and your sharing of that knowledge.

  2. So beautiful written - truth is simple and constant and we all know what the truth is. But simply to many times we refuse to see it, even though it is in plain sight.

  3. Glad you stopped by, Talon! Thank you.

    Zuzana, thank you. I always enjoy your company through your comments and blog.


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