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Sunday, March 13, 2011

She is Ember

Within the thin veil that separates us lies the delicate balance of fire and water.
She is partially revealed yet still dormant, encased in ice, suspended from animation, waiting.
Her face confrontational, her gaze direct and confident--compelling.
I stare in wonder and raise a finger to touch Her cheek, feeling the heat behind the glassy surface and my stroke softens . . . leaves a smear of moisture.
For this moment, She neither moves forward nor backs away, lending Her stillness, temporary though it is,  to my space of hesitation.
She is Ember--La Chispa.


  1. "...lending Her stillness, temporary though it is, to my space of hesitation." Praised be to those blessed moments of hesitation, so much can happen, can be revealed in those rare, brief spaces.

  2. Blessed revelations, dear Laura.


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