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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Heart Dancing

Dance of the Heart.
Dance of the Veils.
She dances in Joy.
From Joy springs the love of life and the presence of peace that shine clearly through the veil of illusion.
She brings Her wings high and One Heart emerges from the sheltering Love that is spread as She flies through each of our lives and dreams.
All is beauty for within the tears are the salts of new life rising from Gaia.
I feel my heart beat with hers in ancient rhythms, gently we dance and sway, creating a world of loving energy as we move together. I listen to the soft drums echoing our heartbeat, to the whisper of seeds in dry gourds shaken in soulful offering to all that is manifest and ethereal, the sweet melody of the flute floats around us lifting and soaring, its message carried upon the four winds and taken up by the feathered ones who carry their own songs of history and love across field and stream and ocean, dropping notes into the depths where salmon and whale and dolphin receive the offering storing the rhythms within their collective memories and souls for all time as they dance within Her waters.
For a moment, I feel all hearts synchronize upon a single beat and the pure perfection of Oneness is shared by All in Love. Hearts dance and die and are reborn into the beating pulse of Gaia.
She shrugs in discomfort and we poison ourselves and Her. She shrugs and we touch our darker selves, going within from outer situations and open to the lessons, open to Her love. Transformation happens and we ride the tide or struggle against it causing more suffering. Yet Her beating heart, filled with love, is always open and ready to renew. The resonance of Her heart, Her life-blood pumping, can cleanse any transgression. 
Her vibrations are Source and therein reside all possibility that is available when we step outside our box of limitations. Energy flows and with the flowing comes a knowing that all is well ... To realize Her love, Her resonance, is a blessing, a tremendous gift of seeing beyond form and within form, to the field of Akashic flowers that bloom whether we see them or not. We open the box, step out, fold it gently and dance upon what was a limiting belief system . . . and the box transforms into the Circle of Life, Her Heart of Love, spiraling and singing itself from nothing to dust to form and back to nothing yet always nothing and everything. 
Open our eyes to Her Dance and we join with Her and the veils no longer disguise but reveal The Real. 
She is my dance partner and we are One, our hearts beating in Love.
I love the voice and music of Joanne Shenandoah; after writing, I found the below video . . .


  1. hi, i love these soulcards..so far have only seen the images online (need to save some pennies to purchase some;) a beautiful space you have here..will be back to read more..


  2. Thank you, ari, do please stop by again. Blessings!


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