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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Too much!
I am in bliss, in this moment, perfect, so please wait!

The world tries to rush in with its complexities and demands and that's okay--that's the world--but I can choose, sometimes, and I can choose now.
Setting them . . . keeping them . . . honoring them for Self and others.
When to allow and when to stand fast. 
When to be firm in how I feel most loving and loved.
As I move and grow, change and remain the same, so does the world, so do those around me.
It's okay to pull away and BE.
To realize my own needs in order to be whole-hearted to others and available for loving care and guidance.
To understand the difference between helping and rescuing.
Rescue for those unable to make their own choices.
Help for those who walk their own paths and are entitled to make their own choices.
Boundary awareness helps me and helps them.
To realize how not to step over the line . . . or at least to realize I did it.
They can be gray and fuzzy and difficult to identify . . .
They can be emblazoned in shocking hunter-orange for all to see!
Do I step over? Does a lesson await me? Am I helping?
Or am I seeking through Ego to impose my will upon another?
And what about someone crossing the line into my space--my life?
How much do I allow or disallow?
Did I invite them in consciously or unconsciously?
Or did they put on their waders and decide that "come hell or high water" they were going to "save" me?
Do I need to remain gentle or roar like a lioness?
Don't react.
Pause and respond after a moment of calm reflection--contemplation.
Sometimes only an inhale is required and the answer needs no introduction but just is.
She helps me see the line that has been crossed and how to heal the trespass for both of us.
My boundaries are for my path, not for someone else, but there may be overlapping whether intentional or not.
Criss-cross highways . . . with overpasses and underpasses and detours leading to who-knows-where.
Do I see the patterns?
The intricate maps of interconnected lives that we experience, blindly at times. 
But open my eyes--see the boundaries.
Honor them.
Boundaries manifest for good reason and only to be ignored in those very special circumstances that come into our awareness when we travel with wide-open heart and far-seeing eyes.


  1. Love this. Boundaries are sooo important even if we are all One :) I am having to deal with a boundaryless person at the moment and it's challenging. Gently not *allowing* her to cross my boundary without drawing rigid lines. It feels like a dance of respect - respect for myself and for her. Unfortunately a boundaryless person usually doesn't respect other people's boundaries!

    Rescuing and "helping" are such sticky issues too. As they imply that the helper/rescuer has put themselves in a position of "authority" over the other, *assuming* what the other person needs, etc.

    I like your creative way of addressing it here. :) Christine

  2. Yes, a dance . . . lovely way to perceive your interaction with that person as it brings a sense of grace to what could otherwise be tense. Exactly--you clearly get the differences between rescuing and helping. Blessings!


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