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Monday, March 14, 2011

spiral dance

Mother - Daughter.
Intersecting spirals.
From center outward and from external going within.
Thoughts and feelings arise and meet in the center--balance.
Each graceful wave of her arm is a rainbow arching over the world as we find the beauty always here and now, offering love ad healing without becoming caught in the net that is woven of fear and anger.
Streaming. Thoughts flooding my mind, overwhelming the spillways of the earthen dam that allows pause and reflection. Must continue the process so that it all comes out and drains away so as not to stain the chalice where dreams are being built and nurtured.
With focus in short supply, this streaming allows a focus for eyes and hands and mind follows as the ink flows in lovely curves and spirals and "Cristofori's Dream" plays in the background with piano crescendo and then softening, an incredible ebb and flow to which I find myself swaying. 

Reminding me of the spirals with their graceful turns and sweeps and how all life is thus when we don't resist, we are carried along into the sweeping waltz of the journey that is beautiful and tragic and the yearning that arises to be with Her as She creates our symphony. 
To resonate in perfect harmony, my voice raised with Hers as we are One and seek only love and peace and joy that is so deep it manifests on the other side of the world like the child 'digging a hole to China' . . . 
Depth and clarity arise together. We think of depth as dark and clarity as light but they go hand in hand a best friends forever skipping through the field of flowers spreading to infinity. Amazing to feel Her holding my hand yet knowing that in this moment I am perfect in Self. Strange to realize the connection and separation as one and the same in the arc that shoots across sky and neurons and sparks fly out in grand, glorious communication that cannot be stopped only hidden at times by wearing a blindfold.
There is so much more here and now than I can comprehend and the impact can be a scattering such that everything feels like it is falling apart but in reality--the truth not the illusion--transformation is taking place in space and miracles emerge that are simply Truth that is finally seen and embraced. Fully experiencing the mysteries of each moment is our Mother's gift that we all wear within our hearts and souls like the "coat of many colors that my momma made for me" as the song goes and is spectacular.

Flowing, spiraling, join the dance of life however it is manifesting whether waltz or mambo or polka!
The Spiral Dance. Gaia's Dance.


  1. The music is gorgeous. I've always loved that Dolly Parton song.

    This post made me smile, Darla. The circles of life...that interconnecting force that can't be denied. Beautiful.

  2. Your writing has a lovely flow to it, Darla. I like the music you chose very much---both of them. I am particularly fond of this version of Dolly singing "Coat of Many Colors." My favorite way to hear her---just her and her guitar.

    And as a side note, I can't help but be amazed that she could fret the guitar with those long, long fingernails! :-)

  3. We smile together, Talon. :-)

    Beth, thank you. Dolly is uniquely gifted; I've always enjoyed her -- but you're right, how does she manage to play with those fingernails?!


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