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Friday, March 11, 2011

Give and Receive

Giving and receiving.
I hold the precious ember in my arms, given to me by She Who Loves.
I give my Soul to Her for safe-keeping when this body tires of its journey.
She gives to me the flower of creativity . . . glowing, blooming, radiant with the light of all that can be.
I share what I have or know with others and She blossoms throughout the universe.
She comes to me when I am still and graces me with Her inspiration--ideas, dreams, feelings, sensations, all are shared with love.
She shares the spark of hope with all who suffer, all who experience pain or loss, all who endure tragedy.
Gaia is stirring, opening Her floodwaters, shifting and stretching as She cleanses the sweat that has become rancid. She is detoxifying and releasing that which no longer serves Her. She shrugs and we all feel her tension increase and then ease.
I enter Her desert and feel the dry heat open my pores and my passion.
I shower in Her rains and bathe in her lakes and am refreshed.
I climb the mountain to inhale Her clear breath.
I walk through the pine forest to find stillness, and eat of Her offerings natural and abundant, feeling my own body stretch with greater ease, shedding the mental and environ-mental pollutants in peace.
And when this is done, I see more clearly Her gifts and my place in Her space; I feel 'la chispa' warming and inspiring--I bring Her light into my Self, welcoming, loving.
All is cyclic, a continuous giving and receiving of energy that flows among our very elemental existence.
Transformation and tragedy share the same dream, the same instant, the same space of Being. I feel the pain come in, hold it, cherish its wisdom, and let it go--free.
Birth and Death.
The ember floats back and forth from Spirit to Form.
Someone created all the objects surrounding and enhancing this elemental life, just as the Infinite brought all life into form. Gratitude wells up for the gifts of creation so abundant all around, and for the bonfire that consumes the no-longer-useful, and the Phoenix rises from the ashes in glorious displays of renewal.
What can be learned from tragedy?
Gaia heaves herself up, straining under the pressures, seeking to regain Her balance just we do.
How many times has She shrugged? How many times has She given birth?
To Infinity.
No ending and no beginning, just giving and receiving, each age an opportunity to experience newness in creative expression wherein lies the heart of wisdom and love. 
I embrace 'la chispa' each morning, each moment, and a new vision is created repeatedly, like a mantra, where we give instead of grasp, where we receive instead of rape. I open to manifesting the Truth I see, sharing within the collective, being and becoming step by step.
Gaia, I gratefully accept this gift of Life and Love . . . La Chispa.

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