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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Many Hands of Choice

Many hands create this life, and mine join with theirs in choices and connection and setting each other free to create and build or transform as the lessons are born into each of us. We journey our visions that flow through many hands of choice.Many hands create our world and tear it down so that reconstruction can begin. I move through a life where many hands join together, clasping in love or breaking away by prying the fingers of others off one by one. My hands reach out to touch and soothe the fears because I reach out in compassion even without doing. Many hands create. 

I feel a strong resistance to writing this morning--several mornings actually--yet I know how important it is for me to express in some way what is flowing or flying through me and writing also grounds as it is like sending these squiggles deep into Source, Self, like roots of plants that grow and bloom and fruit as long as they stay connected to Gaia, Earth Mother. Our hands, arms, feet and legs are roots. The many hands are roots ... tendrils that connect physically with other life forms and with Gaia, and energetically they represent the need to touch, to connect on whatever level we are being called. To resist this connection, as I was feeling the resistance to contemplative writing, is indeed an 'act of self-will' and is contrary to our creativity. If I were to ignore writing--rooting--too often or for too long, I would end up floating away, never settling, lacking grounding or connection.

She has many hands that weave our paths and it is ours to choose whether to pull a thread loose or to allow the touch, the connection. Ours to choose whether to ignore Her open palm of peace, Her cradling hands of creativity and love, Her comforting hands of prayer and solace. Many hands of choice.


  1. I'm so glad you chose to write, even though it was difficult...sometimes this is the best thing we can do with our hands (and hearts), the most healing thing of all.

  2. Hi Darla, so nice to have you stop by La Dolce Vita... and what a beautiful peaceful blog you have here, I will have to come by often, grazie! cat

  3. Absolutely, Laura - so pleased, as always, to feel our resonance... _/\_

    Thank you, Cat, so lovely to receive your voice here.


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