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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Aurora Borealis.
Frozen tundra touching mountains of glacial purity.
Crystalline caverns that channel me to Source as She begins Her thaw.
She starts to shiver in shifts that come and go with waves of awareness, yawning chasms emerge.
She feels compassion for the passage of time, knowing the quickening is coming and the deep peace of solitude and silence will fade.
Midnight Sun. Noontime Night.
Night passes by in Her ice blue gown and pink flowing scarves reflecting the warmth that floods Her awakening.
Emerging from hibernation, slow and delicious, waters begin to change from diamonds to tears and trickle down crevices, seep through cracks, moistening, flowing, gaining momentum and creating new channels--new paths.

Such a beautiful SoulCard image and yet my words feel as frozen as the heavy snow that covers the ground outside my window. I enjoy the winter withdrawal, the darkness that envelops me in a warm velvet wrap against the cold that could otherwise be threatening. I love the contrast. From autumn through winter I feel totally in my elements, completely at ease. And yet . . . I need the spring thaw, the summer heat, because otherwise I would sink so easily and lovingly into Her wintry embrace that I might never awaken from my imagination and dreams. I welcome Her cave and experience no depression as I wrap myself in Her cloak of inner exploration. Heaven to lie dormant, still . . . bliss. The snow and cold provide permission to curl upon the couch, cocoon in blankets, sleep long hours, rejuvenate. A short walk in crisp air breathed in deeply expanding lungs to refresh and replace any stagnant air, then back to hearth for more calm and connection. Build a strong inner fire, a light within, during the powerful intense sunlight of summer that will carry me through the long dark nights. Create enough passion to keep the ember glowing, the spark igniting, the candle burning within . . . not a bonfire, just a gentle spreading warmth beneath the surface like Gaia's molten inner core flowing and spinning . . . gently, gently.


  1. lovvve your writing. Writing is warmth to my soul :) wonderful blog, I just found it!

  2. Every season has something to offer in completing the great circle...

  3. The whole thing is truly amazing, but these are my favorite lines:

    'Night passes by in Her ice blue gown and pink flowing scarves reflecting the warmth that floods Her awakening.

    I, too feel in my element during Winter. The darkness is a gift, a gateway for the light.

  4. Thank you, Ashley, so pleased that we have connected!

    Vicki, absolutely, and isn't it fabulous when we can embrace the beauty in each one?!

    Mermaid, thank you . . . we are kindred, we are one within this gift!


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