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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I stand firm in Her and we say "Let's get going. Let's do this--right here, right now."
She is without procrastination; She is will and determination within.
I love Her sense of solidity--She has planted her Self solidly within the space of confidence and prepares to resolve whatever is necessary. She sees the situation and knows how to act. She brings with Her the wisdom of perception, carried in the Universal Field--Akash--and steps through the doorway into theWorld of Form fully cognizant of Her role and abilities. Her hands settled firmly upon broad motherly, earthy hips, She is ready to create and manifest. I am excited to see Her, to feel Her solid and determined within, providing direction and clarity.
She combines Earth with Fire to build action--grounded determination as She steps from the Space and Air of ideology into the world of the concrete, the will supported by practicality. 
She is a feminine force to be reckoned with as She encourages firmly from a space of stillness, love and knowing . . . "You can do this."
Firm. Solid. Loyal. Determined.
I feel Her moving within, motivating, helping me to achieve goals.
I feel like I can accomplish anything I need to in the world with Her as guide and teacher. She is of the world--elemental and pure. She is kind yet a little pushy! She is the mother wearing Nike's saying "Just do it!"
She is the farm wife with Her steady gaze, strong hands, no-nonsense manner, and love as deep as the well she helped dig to bring sweet waters to the surface for long life and prosperity. She is the hearth of stone that is central to survival in the long dark winters. She is full partner and relied upon for Her wisdom seated in common sense.
She is the ancient grandmother we all revere as ancestress for She resides within the space of action in our world and is always accessible. She is as near as the ground beneath my feet and the fire in my belly. She doesn't hide or whimper, but calls to me when I need to 'pull myself up by my boot-straps' -- shake the dust off -- wake up and get it done, whatever 'it' may be.
She is the Spirit of my Great Aunt Bertha; seven husbands, ran a tavern, took in her niece and grand-niece, tossed out drunks, loved fiercely, survived a fire but lost some fingers, and pulled no punches.
She is a Survivor.
She is the Spirit that dwells within and emerged to help in leaving an abusive husband.
She is determination personified.
She is Determined Woman--I love, honor and thank Her.


  1. powerful and inspiring Darla.

  2. Wonderful description of the strong and powerful woman in you, Darla. (I also love your description of "motherly, earthy hips." There is a beauty in that!)

    I would love to see a post about your Great Aunt Bertha---she sounds fascinating!

  3. I love that you both were drawn to use "powerful" . . . and enjoyed this post.

    Beth, yes, Aunt Bertha was quite the 'character' -- as a kid I was pretty intimidated by her so it is only as I have gotten older that I have learned more about her life and her strengths and come to admire her.


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