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Sunday, February 6, 2011


SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
I sit within Her elemental shrine, vistas of diversity inspiring me to open in new ways, encouraging me to break out of the mold of desire and to embrace the moment before desire when I am fully and joyously present. I release expectations of exactly how all should be and open to infinite possibility. Her tendrils spread and grow within, sharing Light and Love in Life. Peace envelops me as I sit in quiet contemplation of this perfect moment. I am the soul of the sands trickling through the hourglass of life, gracefully allowing the natural beauty to show me the unexpected. No need for pretense or to be someone I am not for Gaia is within and shares Her unique manifestations as I gaze wide-eyed in awe and wonder at green and brown alike, at stone and dark rich earth, at forests and deserts, each glorious and perfect as is. I feel Her essence coursing up from root and ground, carrying my Self on a journey of discovery that is not only of me but of all with whom I come in contact be they human, animal, plant or mineral. We are One. We are Connected. This sensation of energy, this vibration, this Light is for all and with all. We can know incredible joy in Her when we sit in Her center, feel Her core that glows out of every pore surrounding our living experience. I sit with Her, deep in the canyon shelf, sheltered and safe, cooling from the heat of action that sometimes beats down so brightly upon my mind and body that I scarce can see from the glare. And I allow the glow from within to warm and cool, nurture and inspire, all at the same time. When I return to center--stillness--Gaia--an incredible lightness grounds me. Bliss.


  1. "I release expectations of exactly how all should be and open to infinite possibility." this alone evokes a feeling of bliss in me and contentment in me:)


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