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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sacred Grove

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Standing in Her Sacred Grove, I become One with the guardians of eternity, their gentle strength infusing my bones and their soft spring branches sharing sap with my tissues as our blood intermingles in the perfect alignment of channels beyond physical substance seen by mortal eyes. Ours is a forest of knowing and honor. We join together as our limbs entwine, Beloved Sentinels, how I shall miss our connection when I am gone though I carry you in my heart, your seeds a treasure I take on my travels beyond the bounds of time and space, and I know I will visit within our Sacred Space of no-time so that we may be together whenever there is need. Blessed Grove, we have shared so much as you have sheltered me and mine, spreading your arms wide, showers of energy raining upon my heart and soul. Your smile I have glimpsed in the chattering squirrels and your love I have heard in the songs of feathered friends--we all have been gifted with your Presence. Beneath your branches I have walked . . . slow, fast, sad and joyous, yet always comforted by your green fringed shawl and thick brown skirt that bring me home. Your mighty grace did lend a serenity to the labyrinth and ease-filled shade to the flower gardens, shielding us from too-strong sun or gusty wind. Sacred Grove, we are One in Spirit, always, though I may travel far away one day. I feel your roots lift beneath me, cradling me in your loving hands, not form but Spirit hidden from all who see only with clouded vision. My heart pounds with parting sadness, borrowing from the future, until I kindly invite my Self back to the present for we are still together--here and now--without separation and our joy of Oneness is a physical blessing beyond measure. Grandmother Moon rises in Her fullness over our heads as we raise our limbs together, mine pale and fragile, yours dark and strong, as we honor She who is within and without, granting life and love and all that is ever to be. I feel Her warmth coursing through me and yearn to join with you, Sacred Grove, to simply Be. And so we are. So simple. That. Be. One. Hands on heart, mine and yours, we will never be apart no matter how far away I travel, never mind the miles . . . One. Basking in moonlight, I rest in you, Sacred Grove, and know Bliss . . . Peace . . . Love.


  1. Beautiful writing, I especially love this part, "Your smile I have glimpsed in the chattering squirrels and your love I have heard in the songs of feathered friends."

  2. Blessings for your kindness...so pleased my words touched you...beautiful to connect.


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