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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
New life awaits! 
At the threshold, staring in wonder into the light, into a new life, so bright and shiny and filled with possibility! 
I know the comfort and familiarity of where I am, now, breathing deeply of the safety, the womb surrounding me, here, now, peace . . . even as I feel the tingling begin, and feel the pre-contraction vibrations start to hum, all the subtle signals . . . a gentle poke here, a soft squeeze there, pushing me a bit at a time, as I shift into position. 
Wings are growing out of strong rounded angles, lifting me, barely, just enough to see the horizon . . . to glimpse what might be. 
Tucked away, I've been contentedly curled, healing, seeking Self. I try to stretch out a hand to help but no room and I give up. I attempt to straighten my leg but space is limited and I can't go very far. So familiar and loving. Perfect. 
Yet . . . I hear a call, a Voice, and She sings to me of expansion and exploration, encouraging me to see Her world . . . to reflect what I am feeling inside. 
Rebirth and Balance. 
Life is change and I choose. 
The slippery walls lush with nurture also cause me to slide back into the peaceful dark nest where the soil-- cool and soft as the humus carpeting the forest floor with generosity and abundance--cushions my senses, lulling me into complacency. 
But just as my lids begin to droop, Her Light shines through a gap searching for one who has rested too long perhaps like Snow White ready to awaken and step forward boldly, pushing back the cobweb veil . . . to emerge . . . 

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