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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Transformative Serpent

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Warm Stimulation
Subtle Action
Mesmerizing Beauty

She comes to me in so many forms, Her essence expressing what I need to hear, see, feel, or know. She is the Transformative Serpent, bold in Her wisdom and subtle in Her action as She brings intensity to the fore. Am I ready to go with Her on this new journey? 

She lies coiled as a spring, preserving energy until just the right moment to act. Shimmering before me, I feel Her strength and my own timidity in face of it. Yet I also feel that Her love and intensity is without judgment or expectation for She simply IS and will embrace me no matter how confused or hesitant I am. Serpent comes to be with me in this moment as a blessing and offering . . . and also as a reminder of the spiral in which I travel with others as our lives intertwine when we least expect it. 

We meet in this open space, in stillness, and the stark landscape presents a new image, a different perspective, a mirage of reality. See the subtle and feel Her energy in incremental movements of life, where the tiny is profound and calls to a place within where specks of dust have laid undisturbed for decades or eons. See the trail She leaves in the dust, in the sand, in the dry riverbed? 

Follow the trail with its almost invisible signature of what has passed before, barely there, yet powerful. Follow the slight upheaval of a spotted gray pebble shifted onto its side, lifting a minute wave of sand in its wake as Serpent leads the way through a wasteland that is only illusion, merely dormant awaiting  the rain that always comes. And the rains are in the distant rumbling sky as I continue along the trail following the essence of what was . . . 

Then the sky begins to darken and the wind picks up her pace creating small dust-devils that are spirals of a different energy that throw sharp-edged sand to sting my cheeks and blind my eyes if I am unaware. 

Serpent has paused and is waiting, coiled once more, Her stare asking a silent question. The rains are coming. Are you ready? Is this where I want to be when the rains fall and flood the landscape? Do I want to be trapped in the dry riverbed to be washed away in the torrential sweep of overwhelm? Or do I want to be on higher ground with wide open vistas before me, soaking up the droplets of inspiration with every fiber of my being?

A message from the future? A gift of divination? 

The rains of creation and inspiration and action will come, they always do, but where and how do I want to BE when they fall? 

Serpent is showing the way. She is guiding and divining. All I have to do is open . . . 

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