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Monday, February 7, 2011


SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
She stands before me simple and wise, 
soft serenity in her gentle eyes, 
offering me Her gift of seeing that which sustains. 

From out of the depths of the forest, She brings all that I need, sharing with open heart and stirring the energies of Life in Her precious bowl smoothly carved from ancient tree fallen long ago. Between the slender trunks behind Her, the Light shines brightly, illuminating our sacred space. I accept Her offering for my own nourishment and to share with others. From beyond the rim of the trees that protect lay open spaces and infinite possibility. I need never hunger in the journey before me, stepping out into those unknown lands of future because She will be with me, nourishing, offering her Love, and She will sustain me. No matter where I step, She is under foot and touching skin and nourishing from within.

She stirs the soup and the ingredients are those I need in the moment be they courage, strength, discernment, acceptance, love, detachment, enthusiasm or passion. All are welcome; the ingredients are there . . . a pinch of perseverance, a cup of compassion, always balancing to the taste of Now. And I learn to make the soup for myself and others, as the recipes fade and intuition becomes luminous.

She is Woman of the Woods with green hands and brown feet, her fingertips yellow from pollen, her blue eyes reflecting the deepest lake, and her rose-red lips that speak of compassionate care for Self and form and all those who are in need. She is Willow-supple and Oak-strong, her hair cascading ferns and flowers, while she carries lady-slippers gifted by the fairies for when she dances in the moonlight. She moves with the grace of the deer and her touch is soft as bunny-down and her voice is lilting with the songs of a thousand birds in perfect symphonic joy.

She is always with me wherever I go. All I need is to be still and She will reveal herself within the elements and the qualities of Gaia as I taste of Her essence and am nourished in soul and substance . . . 

As so often happens, a song comes that enriches my experience of this day's Journey of Soul Inquiry. And I'm not surprised that John Denver is the artist for this one . . . as I invite you to pause a moment and listen to "I Want To Live" . . .


  1. 'And I learn to make the soup for myself and others, as the recipes fade and intuition becomes luminous.'

    Darla, I think you are teaching me and any woman that reads you how to make this nourishing soup for ourselves, and others. What an exquisite way to describe abundance and how it nourishes all those who are open and willing to receive.

    Thank you. Blessings to you this day.

  2. To know that what I share is nourishing for others is both humbling and pleasing; our exchange of these gifts is truly beautiful. Blessings, Mermaid!


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