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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Pause

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
A moment paused in prayer and contemplation, I feel Her hand reach down to mine. 

I am only half the prayer for She is my other half, for body is nothing without Spirit and Spirit desires the body to be in the world. We are connected as our palms touch; feel the bliss that flows, warm and cool like the ginger and mint who share energies yet manifest uniquely in their subtle essences. 

She is the angelic chameleon as She comes within, and yet has always been here, just as She is ever near in each blessed being I walk with on this earth path. I feel Her shift within and I witness Her transformation in the cycles of seasons and the wisdom of the animals who show Her always projecting through them her miraculous movements of meditation. She is the calm I feel on the in-breath and the smile that glows on the out-breath as peace descends in ethereal rainbows. Each moment in contemplation is a gift from Her to Be and I welcome Her with open heart as She moves within, releasing . . . . Balance settles in and the others sense our shift into presence, moving nearer, relaxing in their own skins and souls. A warm, soft ear lays lightly upon my thigh, a cool wet nose tucks itself into my upward-facing palm, a warm breath kisses my lips. All settle into stillness until we are One without separation, energies flow as One and we become Her field of knowing. Perfect peace and stillness.

Points in meditation when all the the world falls away and only She remains as we pause in prayer. Not to pray with purpose or ask for attachments in their forms that arrive with desire, but prayer of presence, an honoring of Her as She moves within and invites me to experience Her world of love and compassion and beauty, and She offers me ways to share Her with others that are insignificant to the outer-world ideas of purpose yet profound within my own heart and soul. When I feel Her and open my eyes to see Her all around me in form I feel deep love and blessing. What a gift She offers! I embrace the animals and hug the trees and thank the elementals for allowing themselves to be molded into new creations as I sip tea from a ceramic cup. 

Our hands touch. Our palms meet. I pause in prayer of Presence.


  1. Lovely to see such gratitude for ever-present peace and stillness. :)

  2. And may we all experience ever-present gratitude . . . :-) Blessings, Diane!


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