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Sunday, February 20, 2011


SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
impish sprite 
comes in the night
and closes my eyes
to what might surprise
thus opening the way 
to delights of the day
in every moment--pause

pixie dust scattered
to sparkle and shimmer
just as the day
gets even dimmer 
and then in the dark
she shows me the spark--
here and now is the cause

where is the effect 
but lining the edge 
of the rainbow or 
seen in the mist of the milky way?

All around us are miracles and I can call them fairies or spirits or molecules or atomic particles or pixie dust and what difference does it really make? Really? We become so trapped by words and beliefs that our minds shut down and cease to renew. So what happens when I see something I cannot explain? Do I call it illusion or delusion or fake or fraud because otherwise they will laugh? And who are "they" and do "they" matter when it comes to following my heart and allowing peace and love and beauty and healing to come in? Do I blind myself or allow someone else to do so? What happens when I allow a mystic energy to close my eyes and open my heart? I emerge from the dark into the light! Yes! Why is it so hard to see other worlds? Do they exist? Does it matter? Why do we no longer see the unicorn in the woods we roam together? Our innocence is hidden away and locked inside behind a door of iron by a tiny key we have swallowed over and over again like the lies we are told as we grow up. But what if?! Imagine! Stop trying to either deny or to see. Simply reach out and touch the sylph I know is riding the wind and see her! Sink my hands into the soil and clasp the rough fingers of gnomes toiling! Another world . . . and another . . . and another! We are all here together if only we could open long enough and deeply enough to see and feel each other. Within Gaia are myriad mysteries--worlds within worlds. Microcosm and macrocosm. It is the same within my physical body where substance and vibration are synchronized into harmony or shattered by discord. There are those who cannot move past the form. They experience a wondrous moment and yet still cannot open their eyes and heart. Like those who know that sound is vibration yet still believe we have to hear with the physical or feel the vibration to experience the resonance! Yet, whether we hear or touch or not, the vibration still happens! This is a mere single nuance of the myriad flows into and out of the infinite. How do we open? How do we hear? Embrace your child-Self, hold hands with the unknowable, play with the unseen that is always in this moment. Trust. Faith. Open. Accept. Let in the sprite to cover your eyes and then fly to awareness of possibility in the amazing grace of Gaia.


  1. I love the honesty and freedom in your contemplative writings here, Darla. You know, I saw fairies when I was small. I spent many hours outside trying to escape a difficult family situation in the house, and the trees and birds and plants were my friends. So were the fairies. I wish I could see them now.

  2. Everyday miracles -- whatever we choose to call them. So true!

  3. Ah - the wee-folk. They are fun :) Whatever helps us to really *see* and *hear* from our whole Being - Being to Being, Heart to Heart - to live the Liquid Life :)

    Sprite Blessings :) Christine

  4. Someday you will see the fairies again, sweet Beth. (((BIGHUG)))

    Absolutely, Vicki.

    Much love to you, dear Laura.

    Ah yes, lovely Christine, to "really *see* and *hear* from our whole Being" - what gifts.


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