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Saturday, February 5, 2011


SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Spider hovers at the edge of her web, the center a deep dark hole, and Spider crouches . . . waiting . . . to go within? or for something to emerge?

And then, like those pictures that shift into something entirely different, my perception wavers and

I turn the image upside down . . .

or right-side up . . .

Her Soul is crying out, calling for help as she spirals downward into an abyss, downward into the lost world. "Help!" She is caught in the slow sinking depression of being trapped and she feels herself circling the drain, clinging white-knuckled to the edges. Just when she thought that all was perfect, the foundation dropped out from under her and she was sliding off the edge of the world, so maybe ancient beliefs were actually right and we can fall off the edge of the world into oblivion . . . .

Maybe not but it can seem that way at times, even if that sensation is only for a nano-second it can still come up, it can appear when we least expect it. This is the journey, the human experience. 

A web can be secure, safe, holding Spider so she doesn't fall as she creates from within.
A web can be a trap, where we become stuck and unable to set ourselves free.
A web is perception come alive.

A whirling spiral can sweep us into oblivion or it can take us into new journeys of Self.

She can bring a new world into creation or continuing crying for the one that is lost, clinging . . . .

Touches of yellow . . . the bile of resentment and anger or the sparks of willpower only waiting to ignite from their ember state . . . from their embryonic state . . . perception.

What do I really see before me? What do I perceive?


  1. Spider is an iconic figure in so many cultures -- sitting in thhe center of her self-spun web.

  2. Indeed, yes -- glad you stopped by, Vicki. :-)


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