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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pure Loving Resonance

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Tracings . . . a river of blood.
I hold the light and see the red pulsing flow of life.
Tracings of memory and mystery that run through me and all life.
My arteries and veins, red and blue, renewing and returning, carrying not only nourishment but the sensation of connection to the world of form. 
The rhythm of Gaia's beating heart in me. 
And I see Her channels of life that flow in the rivers and streams, in the lovely veins of ores within stone creating patterns and colors that weave within the solid, in the thin delicate veins of a leaf ever so fragile, vibrating, singing of Love, all of us together. 
On the currents of air we become the invisible flow of life, soaring and sweeping. 
Within the fire we are the seared etchings of past and future transformations. 
I feel the flow of all life when I know my own flow, rhythms, patterns. 
The template that is resonance of being brings these channels into forms infinite and finite. 
Imagine onion-skin templates from the world we cannot see with our tissue-eyes but that require that I look beyond substance, beyond form that is illusion, to the Real that pulses and vibrates in perfect harmony. 
From that space, beyond the veil, I know Her and She is the weaver, Creatrix of all patterns, using gossamer threads of sound to shape each glorious delicate auric template. 
Imagine bringing form, life as we view it in the manifest realm, into creation as the blood flows and the rivers surge and all the elementals begin their dance to the rhythms being created. 
As the pen allows the ink to flow in cursive upon the page, creating shapes similar to others yet entirely unique--a signature, a template, a pattern. The lines and curves join and part forming an image, a world, a representation of one fragment of infinite pattern and form. Her patterns grow and become and are fluid yet shaped so that we can recognize Her in them just as we recognize worlds and sounds in the flow of ink-shapes from the patterns within my hands. The tracings and patterns within me are reflected in the world and I am a reflection of all the templates that I experience on the journey. I hold up my hand and see the wrinkles, the veins and arteries, the skeleton, and ligaments, all creating a wondrous form that began as a thread in Her loom, and before that as an etheric pattern of vibration spreading across the vastness of the infinite expanse of space--Akash. 
That vibration of Oneness where I was not I but simply That. 
Patterns of Being. 
Pure Loving Resonance. 

Navarre seven years ago -- Pure Love


  1. You rock lady - that is just wonderously written!

  2. Renate, dearest animal healer, thank you and Blessings!

  3. I agree with Renate---that was lovely, Darla. My stream-of-consciousness writings are NEVER this articulate or poetic.

  4. Beth, thank you, but it's the soul cards ... I swear that something amazing happens when I step through them into stream writing... Blessings!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Darla! (I, too, am fascinated by the inner workings of our bodies.)

  6. Isn't it amazing, Vicki? The more I learn of A&P, the more I realize how little we know and I am in awe of 'life'...

  7. Happy Valentines Day a little late! I am "behind" on my blog reading this week. My goodness, could anyone ever find a sweeter Valentine than little Navarre? I want to kiss those little dark toes, lol!

  8. LOL Brenda, he was indeed a totally precious baby!


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