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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
I slumber in stillness.
I feel a presence before I see her waiting for me to awaken.
In this form, she is light on her feet and fleet in her journey, innocence surrounding her with the simple joys of each moment. She peers at me curiously as I shudder, the chill seeping in, the dark of twilight descending upon us.
What does she want to share with me?
     "Look around."
I hear her words and struggle to open my eyes again, heavy lids resisting.
She has a voice so pure that it drifts like sage, cleansing, purifying, awakening and inner glow.
And then I know that I am to renew the journey now that I have rested.
     "Now is not yet the time to remain still for long."
I realize that I have much to do and share. I feel time passing quickly, bounding, leaping; my cells dying in massive numbers, tissue breaking down. The process of aging. Each life journey of every soul precious to the whole.
     "Yes. Purpose."
I hear her voice, see her elegant brown form so simple yet incredible as she moves with a grace that only the most gifted ballerina could hope to imitate and still not quite be the fluidity of the one who is at home with the perfection of every movement in the moment. Her presence, her gentle love, her inspiring agility, are breathtaking in their effortlessness.
And I feel her essence move within me, her acceptance of unique purpose, her release of tension.
She lowers her face toward mine and we gaze into each other's eyes and are One. We merge and I feel her peace well up inside me until I overflow with love and purpose of Being.
I within her and she within me, a grace comes in, a fluidity of movement, a lightness that Deer teaches in her perfection of Being.


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