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Friday, February 4, 2011

Scattered Sparks and Blazing Eyes

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Go deeper ! 
Seek ! 
Wonder ! 
Explore ! 
Open ! 
Heat crackling within . . .
     We are pulsing, knowing, consumed by flying embers shot out in scattered sparks.
As I pass my Self, She is eagerly burning with passion, truth.
     The fire rises and continues to burn, blazing across the sky, steam rising from her ocean, lifting, rising.
Rising . . . what is rising . . . ?
     Burn away the dross !
Ignite the ember embedded within the seeds !
     Fire is friend not foe, yet Fire is frightening with Her blazing eyes and burning will.
She empowers and inspires, fanning the flames.
     Some seeds need fire to grow into their own magnificence.
Splendor of seeds spread far and near, waiting for their chance, that one conflagration that will crack the shell and spill their hearts into the Mother where She will nurture and together they bring change and awakening.
     Fire cannot be ignored or She may burn out of control, across all lines, yet sometimes this is vital to transition and transformation.
She cooks her wisdom, perfecting, stirring the pot until it is hot, bubbling, and ready to nourish.
What do I see when I look into Her fiery eyes? A glow. Passion.
Through the fire comes renewal.
Cracks appear like threads of light that are woven into a tapestry of flaming will. The will to Be or Do or Stay or Go. 
The flaming sword of discernment wielded with care and grace.
Light breaks through the fire, brighter, more intense, and I fall into the Light knowing it will not harm.
Within the cauldron swirls the infinite potential of Soul, resting in water, contained within earth, tempered by fire, and lifted upon the air to rise into ether--to pause in space and know the Oneness of all within the Cauldron of Life. Over and over . . . 
Swirling cycles of becoming, rising.
And the flame of eternal being is here. 
Feel the heat rise.


  1. So true that although fire can be frightening, it can also bring renewal. I enjoyed reading this glowing hot entry today Darla, thank you!


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