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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She Who Soars

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Ghosts of past fly free at last carried upon the wings of change.
I bow before the pure love that fills my heart and soul as peace suspends time and vision is clear and infinity presses Her hand upon my heart whispering that we travel together sharing the glory of present moments steeped in grace.
My heart is light and brings a smile of bliss that echoes through its chambers carrying the warmth of truth and the love of so many souls who join me along the path that unfolds like the unfurling ferns that grow among the stark sentinel pines. 
Know my heart and all is well . . . 
Sweep into the eye of the hawk and She will show me vistas I could not even imagine as Her shrill cry keens across the canyons where all who hear Her pause, look up, and stare in awe at Her power and freedom. She travels and acquires a different perspective than I do as a land creature who can only catch a glimpse of what She sees so clearly and only that by finding an outcrop o rock on a mountain or the cliff of  canyon wall or the high boughs of a tree who invites me to climb hand-over-hand, branch after branch, until I pull myself up through the canopy to see for miles in all directions and feel my breath simply stop from the sheer magnificence that She knows always.
I honor the spirits that inhabit every being and creature and form that experiences the manifest world. 
The hum is all around always and beyond the hum I feel the air rushing through me, as if I had feathers that could lift me up and carry me into the distance where more experiences are waiting, although it may or may not be a distance in miles outside but a journey within that has been just to the side of the expected road. 
I bow my head and take the path of narrow twisting turns to see what my heart can feel already.
I soar with Her and we are free, even if I travel nowhere. Especially if I travel nowhere.
A silver thread is my tether as I go with Her on journeys of soul, learning, growing. 
Her bright blessings stir my soul into a sparkling champagne of life-giving elixir that rejuvenates and fulfills. From the bubbles emerge the essence of creation as they lift and float out into the great beyond toward She Who Soars. With one flap of Her great wings She guides my dreams gently in the direction of love the dawn waking over the horizon of life.


  1. "I soar with Her and we are free, even if I travel nowhere. Especially if I travel nowhere." -- Darla that is so beautiful because soul travel is so unique and life-encompassing and can't be measured by physical miles.

  2. To soar with the great hawks would be such a treat... I follow them with my binoculars till I am giddy.

  3. Absolutely, Talon... Blessings!

    Beautiful, Vicki! They are amazing Beings!


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