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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flame of Knowledge

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Teacher shares the flame of knowledge and I sit gladly in his presence as together we glean the wisdom and burn the dross--a bit here, there. He holds the flame and points to his heart, guiding attention inward, inviting knowledge to be absorbed into body and soul as well as mind. Teacher speaks words of wisdom that can be learned yet encouraging the deepening that comes with Being in the sounds of the knowledge through generations who learned from Gaia how to Be . . . to know on a cellular level, a subtle level, an energy level, a level of memory excerpted from The Field--Akash. And when I accept Teacher's invitation and open, the Truth seeps in, trickling at first like a spring in the desert then gushing into me, and I realize how little I know of Life in spite of all the learning. 

Teacher offers the flame again and before I reach out, I smile, I inhale the gift, open to its warmth, honor the infinite wisdom of the lines of those who share and guide and teach from their hearts that are open to Source. Then, yes, then I feel Her blessing that comes with the knowledge and a sacred pact is created in the giving and the accepting. To share is to honor Gaia and Teacher who bring the knowledge into form--living elemental examples of purity and truth, wisdom of virtue and love, healing all those they touch. The flame of knowledge lights the way, gently warming and guiding.

A unique image of the masculine that I feel able to easily embrace instead of resist, this gentle Teacher. An image of mind and knowing yet one that shows the spirit of the Divine Masculine in a non-threatening, non-confrontational manner. I feel drawn to this gentle, intelligent Teacher who is strong and steady in his carrying of the flame, sharing his knowledge on the trail through the forest, pointing out the gifts to use to build in harmony with Life, not to destroy. He reminds me of the gentle, passionate men I have met since beginning to release my fears of past experiences and open instead to the kindness within the masculine; a kindness different than the easy flowing of Gaia within and without, yet peaceful and pure in sharing, teaching, guiding.

Teacher shares with me the gifts of passion within structure that can create marvelous opportunities strongly, safely and securely:
"Here. Hold this flame. Bring it within yourself and love its richness of form and color and heat and inspiration. It will transform your knowledge into wisdom that you can share and will be embraced by all who feel your warm desire to BE ONE WITH ALL."
Because my teachers are often animals, it was natural for me to invite Pooka the dog and Mo the cat to be the narrators of "Rainbow Bubbles & Whirling Lights" (a children's book I wrote for my nieces that is also available for public purchase). Here is the backstory!

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