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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Field of Flowers

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
May I speak the Truth I see.

May I fully realize the power of words whether spoken or written or thought. Their energy resonates throughout my life and the world carried upon the winds of Gaia. Sound in its whole nature is beyond our comprehension. Thoughts create the world. As I will so mote it be. Words. All cultures and spiritual paths recognize the power of words, thought, sound. And recognize the empowerment they bestow through speaking the Truth in loving-kindness. For the background of the notes, the pages upon which they are written, must be rooted in the wisdom of Gaia, of Divine Feminine, of the Infinite in Sacred contract. 

I hear my thoughts before they emerge, when I pause, and know that they are beautiful when spoken from a secure center. If they come from fear, wait, pause longer, turn them over and breathe or burn them into transformation, feeling them deeply, the emotions they seek to express, then allow them to sink into Self, into Gaia, into the Core where love and acceptance wrap around them until they emerge as butterflies. May I not reject the feelings of fear, only bring them closer, hugging them to me until the relax and can change into words based in compassion. 

I speak in compositions of love and beauty and transformation, all is possible in Her. 

She blossoms within and her petals softly soothe the rough edges of words not yet honed into gentle curves. I taste the sweetness of Her nectar, and Her scent permeates my Being. All can happen in the pause between thought and words formed or spoken. Once they manifest, how do we then transform them?

I see the field of flowers spread out before me, beckoning with their glorious colors and shapes and scents; I walk through the broad expanse of the field in humble joy as they caress my bare skin and play before my eyes and I hear their voices rise unheard upon the breeze to soar into my very cells, my heart, my soul. I know this Field of Gaia as home once more.

Current discussions of The Field, Akashic Field, always seems so stark and sterile to me, at least the way that 'modern science' describes the energy. But I see . . . 

I see a Field of Flowers . . . the pollen from billions of flowers spreads and blends and carries infinite messages across time and space. When I sit, there is no no-thing, for why should I feel that I must abandon the beauty of form, of vision, of Gaia's earthly creations that have manifested? Is She not as lovely and loving, as giving and miraculous as anything we could imagine in our wildest dreams that might be beyond form? 

She is manifest and still remains beyond our ability to see and know to Her depths. And so I see Her as She shares Herself with me. She is a Field of Flowers in mind and spirit. She is The Field, the Flowers, the Infinite. She does not care how I envision Her, only that I do and that I know She is All and that we are One. She is the bud I speak so love will grow. She is the full bloom I dream into form. She is the flowering within and without, reflected in all Her creations.

May I see Her Truth, 
speak Her Truth, 
and BE the Truth I see in Her 
as I rest in Her Field of Flowers.
Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt


  1. I love the field of flowers theme and your gentle, comforting words. And, Grandma's Flower Garden quilt is gorgeous!

  2. I think that many of us are dreaming about a field of flowers on these gray days. A lovely image.

  3. That was very soothing to read, Darla. I was able to close my eyes and imagine myself in that field of flowers.

    And, my goodness, your Grandma's flower quilt is absolutely gorgeous! How lovely to sleep covered in flowers!

  4. I'm so pleased that we were all able to be within the Field of Flowers together! :-)

    And, yes, thank you, Grandma's quilt is indeed gorgeous; I treasure this, her gift to me many years ago. Memories . . .


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