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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waiting for the Other

Here I am. Ready.

A reflection waiting for the Other to make the first move.

We are in stillness. Extended moments in Infinite Pause.

I wait in shadow. A Pregnant Pause.

The Other is near and our hands meet, mirrors of soul and intent. Wrapped in red silk, warm blood pulsing. Without full form, we are shadow, and our hands pass through the world without touching or connecting. We must manifest, the Other and I. She is older and wiser, Teacher and Guide. Am I waiting or is She?

I feel a tremor, so slight, really more a thought of one than the real thing. A vibration begins, its ebb and flow one I have known before. It signals a new beginning. Rebirth. Will the Other come with me if I move? I pause again. A call of Light, a voice in the Dark. We are the same yet She is so much more vibrant wearing Her bright red and gold mantle, her flowing blue robes and her green shoes.

A great peace and quiet is here, deep within, me on one side and the Other just there. She begins to smile and I feel a tug on the corner of my mouth like a tiny hand plucking gently. Her love spreads like the smile and becomes a warm swell of fluid that comforts and softens.

Yet I'm curious about the Light that calls out for a journey. What is waiting out there while I wait in here, both present and full of miracles in their unique garments. Wings flutter in the light, glorious gossamer wings so frail and exquisite I dare not touch them but strong enough to carry the weight of all that was, is, and will be. Are they mine? Where might they take me? I pause, still, upon the threshold. What is this? I feel solid now, flesh is heavy. The other is waiting with Her encouraging smile. I move my hand and, yes, she is moving with me! Be brave! I reach out toward the wings in the Light and glimpse an opening, a portal into Being. I turn, step, and She remains with me as I gain momentum and we are lifted up and away into the Light of a new Life ... a new Moment ... Dawn ...

After writing this, I heard the words from the song "Morning Has Broken" and so I share the music here as sung by one of my favorites Hayley Westenra.

The images are so lovely as well...


  1. I've always loved that song...this rendition is gorgeous!

  2. Wow, what an unexpected treat!! Thanks for sharing that - the images are great, makes me eager for the spring gardening season. Such a treat for the eyes in the midst of the monochromatic winter. Love those two cats at the end! :)

    And thanks for your kind words on my blog. That gave me such a smile this morning. The homemade dishrags remind me of my grandmother and older relatives too - all of whom are gone now. I used to have bags of embroidered or woven placemats and pillowcases in the attic that I didn't use, but couldn't bear to part with. Guess that's why it's such a joy to receive them now, it reminds me. And a homemade and heartfelt gift, like the yellow one your friend gave you, is so welcome in this world of expensive techno doo-dads!

  3. Talon and Brenda - so pleased that you enjoyed the youtube song and images as much as I did! :-)

  4. Your artwork is beautiful, very free flowing and peaceful looking. Your writing is lovely too, a pleasure to read. I'm glad I stopped by.

  5. Diane, the writing is mine but the images are not. The images are all Deborah Koff-Chapin's Soul Cards -- they are cards I use as a portal into Self for exploration. I'm so pleased you enjoy the posts.


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