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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am delighted to share that my current writing project - simply known for now as a Chantilly Lace story, its working title having fallen by the wayside - recently reached the status of Completed First Draft. The draft manuscript consists of about 47,000 words spread fairly evenly among the ten chapters. This accomplishment produced a wonderful feeling of gratitude, and need I say that a deep sigh of relief escaped me upon the realization the first phase was finished?

That said, the work has evolved considerably - or devolved, perhaps, in places - from its inception. What began as a light murder mystery has transformed into women’s fiction. This means that significant editing and rewriting will ensue, however, I am no less excited by this than I was with the story’s original creation. And this in itself is profound for me, and reveals, I hope, how much I have grown in my writing. I feel more confident in the process, and am eager to explore more of the left-brain crafting as well as the right-brain creativity!

Until now, I have avoided reading books or articles on plot, scene, structure, character development, etc. I only wanted to bring forth the story that was yearning to be born in its pure form. Now that it is here, I can begin to play dress-up!

Pollyanna and I look forward to much fun and hard work in the coming months, as we roll up our sleeves and plunge into the process of cutting and cleaning, and adding more meaning!


  1. Hi Darla, your Chantilly Lace story sounds intriguing. Congrats on finishing the first draft. I hope you enjoy the next phase as much as the previous one. Bye for now. :)

  2. Thank you, Diane -- I'll post a synopsis of the story later on, probably when the second draft is complete! :-)

  3. Congratulations on this milestone!

  4. That is truly wonderful, Darla---a huge accomplishment. I started a novel years ago, then ran into some very hard times and got seized up. But I've recently pulled it out again and plan to resume it soon. Even if it's never published, I'll be thrilled just to finish it. Kudos to you.

  5. How fun! I didn't know you were working on a book. I would imagine finishing that first draft to be a cause for celebration indeed. I bet you already know about this, but the book Don't Sabotage Your Submission (by Christine someone...) is an absolute treasure if you're editing. And this from someone who hates "how to" books. :)

  6. Vicki, more a big ole boulder, than a milestone! LOL

    Beth, thank you, and I'm SO happy that you will be resuming your work as well. Rewarding in and of itself, isn't it? I happen to be a supporter of the somewhat controversial self-publishing opportunities; so many people have so much to give and share. I wrote about this a bit in an earlier post - somewhere -

    Brenda, as it happens, that book arrived in the mail *yesterday*! LOL I have a few others as well, but didn't want to jinx my creative muse until at least the first draft was complete. The first novel I wrote (and self-published for giving to family and friends) I just didn't have the drive to revise it, for it felt like it needed to remain 'as is'. This new one I will take to the next step! :-) And, yes, it is definitely FUN. Are you writing a book or have written one?! Do tell!


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