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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sheen of Oil

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Seeing the goal...and the present.

To know the Source of strength, of fulfillment, is within, guiding.
To move forward into the changes that have begun. 
To step into movement, into the flow, from where I am right now, from birth, from renewal. 
To seek and yet be fully here and now during the journey. 

I feel the heat, liquid light coursing through me like the oil warming in a porcelain dish, waiting for the moment when the thickness lightens, when it is warmed and thin, moving easily. A sheen of oil that lubricates the journey in love of Self and nourishes in its softness. 

The goals may change yet purpose remains. Location shifting, the sands upon which I move are changing color and texture, the rainfall begins and the desert gives way to a different view. Small steps, gentle in their transition so that I don't become overwhelmed by the goal and lose sight of Self, journey and purpose. So that I don't lose sight of the Whole. So that love remains steady and healing is ever near. 

I feel the heat increase, driving, inspiring, teaching a pace that can be sustained rather than burn out in a single bright flare of passion that is exciting but carries no substance, no reserve. I feel tremors of stimulation, tiny electrical sparks that fire up in sequence. And I dream in the moment of each step, grateful for the forward motion, at peace with the rebirth and the path before me. A warmth surrounds me, and encourages me toward awareness of both infinite possibility and limitations of what is. 

For this moment, a fire burns and the gentle simmer warms the flowing oil of transformation within and without...welcome.

dedicated to a dear, sweet friend known affectionately by some as the Oil Queen - love you, Lisa! (of Aislinn and Sama Tal Ayurveda for any readers who may live near New Boston, NH) - and remembering all the wonderful souls I met at Kripalu during my Ayurvedic training

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