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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prayer to Oshun

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
I cry into your arms, feeling overwhelmed on behalf of another one of your children . . . 
Blessed Oshun, She of the Flowing Waters, I sail upon your loving waves and feel the peaceful foundation of your divine wisdom carrying me through the challenges, calming my turbulent emotions. I pause and welcome the gifts you share so freely, accepting your healing energy and sharing it with others. I feel the emotions of loved ones, their anger or frustration, their pain and confusion, and I open so that your infinite love will flow through me and into them, sustaining and soothing. I invite them into the vessel where I rest so that they too can be supported by your love. I open to your essence that is the field of our universe, you fill me from above and below as I drift suspended within the core of your heart that is everywhere. I give back to you all that I am knowing the cycles of your glorious generosity and bounty. Oh, Goddess, hear my cries, I pray to you as I love and nourish others for all is abundant when I am in your presence. I open to your serenity and feel your waters flooding my soul, the tears pouring from my eyes into your womb to transform the suffering of loved ones into compassionate awareness. Oshun, I see you everywhere as you prepare the way for renewal. I feel you in Self and for a moment the shivers escalate within my body as we tremble together in the bliss of being One. Oh, Goddess, Source of All, the more you give, the more I want to give back to you and to all. How can I help? I see ways to ease the suffering of others, of world and animals and plants and people. When I pause in your presence, I feel the limitless love and beauty that is possible and also feel my heart aching for the suffering all around. I see my ow selfishness when it arises in perfect clarity, and I reach out to hug this frightened child that tries so hard, too hard, to be noticed and unique, and I hug this child who is soothed as you embrace us--you embrace all of us! And the love overflows, pouring down mountains in streams and rivers, the lakes fill to the brim, and the ocean swells in the infinite gentleness of acceptance. And I am once more carried in your arms, our tears merge, and together we reach out to all those in need with deep love and compassion. Dear Blessed Oshun, infinite in diversity, thank you.


  1. That is a lovely prayer, Darla.

  2. There are a lot of people in my world suffering right now. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, and I feel helpless in the face of it. Timely post.

  3. Beth, I'm pleased you feel the grace of the prayer.

    Brenda, may you feel strength instead of overwhelm, and confidence instead of helplessness. (((BLESSINGS)))

  4. Thanks Darla! Things are already looking up.

  5. Do u realy believe ochun will help u....


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