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Monday, January 24, 2011

We Are the Seer and the Seen

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
She sees All and She sees me.

I see Her . . . but can't see my Self . . . sometimes I feel blind and wander around wondering . . . where am I . . . what am I doing . . . where have I gone . . . have I disappeared?

She watches with such patience and love; Gaia sends me messages . . .
She sends me a crystalline snowflake to say "there you are--see how you sparkle?"
She sends me a gentle tiny paw that reaches out to touch my arm.
She sends me deep dark eyes of love that gaze into mine.
She sends me the soft warmth of worn flannel sheets on a cold night. 
She sends me the wool of sheep who roam the hills to keep my feet snug.
She sends me ginger and cardamom tea to energize the shrunken plums once plump upon the branches of a wise tree.
See what Gaia shares!

And then I see my Self in Her and know my Self as the food enters my body and the material touches my skin and another soul reaches out to connect.
And I feel my Self become aware, knowing that I am more than the senses that create a world around me, for we--the animals, the plants, the spirits of Gaia in all Her costumes--are that which cannot be contained or controlled.
I feel the beyond of Self that is All Selves; a field of knowing and purity that is within every atom, not separate.

How can I be lost when I am here always in Her?! I look around and there I am!
Gaia in me as in every-thing and no-thing, and we move together gracefully even when I am unaware. But when I pause and seek, or when I feel lost and fall, all I have to do is look. She sees me and through Gaia I see me, too!

Incredible to once more realize the relationship that does not depend upon my meager abilities or desires--a relationship that I can see and feel in every moment, every subtle nuance of flowing energy.
We are the yarn of the afghan spread bulky upon my lap.
We are the ceramic mug holding a steaming cup of chai.
We are the table that was once a mighty oak tree and now offers a different type of service, as does the paper upon which I write my consciousness with this plastic pen created from elements of Gaia and molded into the tool I see.
I see the me that is a tool for loving and being and giving and doing.

We are all one, so how can I ever feel lost when all I have to do is look around and see me--see Gaia--see We . . . One . . . All.
I see the snowflake fall in the desert.
I see the trees growing in the ocean.
I see the sky of purple and the mountains of yellow.
I see the sun of blue and moon of green!
Words, just words, yet the wonders I see are beautiful no matter the words we use, and I see you and me in Her and we are amazing.

We are Amazing Grace looking outward and inward with eyes of love that see all and love all and rejoice in witnessing life in death and birth for we ARE the seer and the seen.
I see you.

And, since he kept trying to sit on the Soul Card when I was photographing it, 
I figured Navarre wanted to be seen . . .


  1. 'Incredible to once more realize the relationship that does not depend upon my meager abilities or desires...'

    Sometimes this is so hard to remember, but you express Gaia's unconditional love, your radiant presence that heals all of this misunderstanding.

    I also loved your play with color and nature at the end of this piece.

  2. I am trying to decide if it makes me shallow that I skip down to see if there's a furry face pictured at the bottom, and THEN go back and read the soul card post. ;) What can I say, except that I think I feel closer to All That Really Matters when I'm with animals than at any other time.

  3. This is lovely and I especially enjoyed the color references at the end. Navarre looks so curious!

  4. Mermaid, yes, remembering *can* be challenging sometimes! ((BIGHUG))

    Brenda, nothing shallow at all about feeling closest to "All That Really Matters" (love this!) when with animals; they are pure portals of the sacred, aren't they? Alas, I'm not the best photographer -- seems like I spend too much time basking in a moment rather than capturing it digitally...sorry! LOL

    Diane, glad you and Mermaid both enjoyed the 'play with color'! :-)


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