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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being or Doing

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
"From out of the canyon I come, sharing love and discernment, compassion and action, stillness and healing. Within these walls I have witnessed the passing of ages as all beings dance with duality. Yet for so many, the dance has become labored, stiff, separate from Self and Source, while others embrace the beauty of balance, lives echoing the rhythm of the heart of the Infinite."

She offers whatever we need, Her sword misunderstood, for it is not a weapon of violence but a symbol of cutting through illusion and seeing clearly what has been hidden. Open hands She offers in total acceptance. I feel Her strength to Be and do as needed for the good of all, according to the free will of all. 

One accepts the hand of Being; One accepts the sword of Doing. 
Each beautiful in its time and place in blessed individuality.
Freedom of choice. Self-realization.
Act or Be Still?


  1. This is a beautiful card; I seem to be drawn to its colors. And, I like the sword for "cutting through illusion" and the open hand of acceptance. I feel there is peace in seeing clearly and accepting "what is."

  2. I'm glad you resonate with the card and message, Diane. When I saw the image, I immediately felt the sense of canyons and/or rocks in Utah and the incredible Grand Canyon...


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