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Monday, January 10, 2011

Red Tent of Life

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Receiving Her gifts, I open to Her blood and feel it flow through me in a ribbon of ethereal fluidium offering a gentle healing. Her flow brings release and receptive awareness for that which I do not yet know or see. 

My hands open and lift - once pressed in prayer, now my palms are receptacles for Her transformative energy. I stand before Her in the labyrinth, all ways lead to Her even though the steps may be unknown - I cannot see around the corner, yet I know She is here as well as there and that comforts me. I receive Her flexibility when I faithfully turn the corner or round the curve of Her belly, a mound of mystery sought throughout the ages for the wisdom contained therein. I bathe in Her richness pouring from Her creations.

I could remain in this moment forever, untouched by external distraction. I know that here is where I am meant to be. 

I feel Her coursing through me, rushing and trickling, and then retained. We are the vessels of power to change hearts, to transform our world. We receive the mysteries of birth and death when we become women. My belly is beautiful in its fullness -- no shame in roundness, softness, for I fill with life and love and a light surrounds the blessing of that which grows and lives within the dark red chamber of Her womb.

I receive her nourishment and release it into the earth to nourish Her.

We receive ancient feminine wisdom and mysteries. She is the Goddess of the Red Tent and pours empowerment into all women to stand and withstand, to love and be loved. Within the curtains of our Red Tent fall the folds of our lives with all their wrinkles and hidden spaces and clefts of creation. And so it is within Her Red Tent when we are birthed and re-birthed and prepared in the cycles of the moon, each time feeling a death occur or new life begin in forms previously unimagined.

Every morning when I emerge from the depths of sleep and dreamworlds, I am re-birthed into Her world-womb. I push back the blankets and the light breaks through my squinting eyes and just for a moment I want to cry at the harshness and loss until Her voice comes to me, soothing, and it's my voice, my Self, or a beloved's voice or Gaia's voice through one of Her precious Beings, and once again I am receiving Her blessing in so many ways. 

Red Tent by Darla
I am always in Her Red Tent for nothing remains static, life is always here in its cycles of death and birth. Her Red Tent is Life, and I lift my hands to accept Her ribbon of life as it flows abundantly, pouring into me always whether as Maiden, Mother/Queen or Crone for creation is birthed in infinite forms.

Receive. Retain. Release.


Information on Red Tent Temple movement or the book The Red Tent
My site for Empowering Women at Endunamoo


  1. "All ways lead to Her even if the steps may be unknown." Beautiful... You have a wonderfully creative and unique way of expressing the Divine Awareness... Christine

  2. I like the image of the labyrinth as the female body where blood flows everywhere, outside and inside.

    Your own touch drawing is a tribute to female cycles, from menarche to menopause and in between. Let the red flow. Let it flow unimpeded.

  3. I love the fact that when a group of women spend a lot of time together, their cycles tend to adjust to all come at the same time.

  4. Christine, your visit is a lovely gift; I'm so pleased you connected with us here.

    Mermaid, have you experienced a labyrinth walk? They *are* flowing ... unimpeded ... an inner and outer journey, without the trauma of a maze (which is different than a labyrinth).

    Vicki, yes, isn't that too cool?!


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