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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Expansion and Awareness

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
More than the sum of our parts, our whole expands beyond what we perceive or know.

Within the early hours, the sprinkling of moment between stardust and sunbeam, lies the threshold of the Infinite. She pulls back the veil of illusion hanging before my eyes and reveals the Real. A quiet lies waiting, opening and receiving, renewing. Yet still I feel a hunger of mind and the urge to feed my thoughts rather than nourish my soul. This quiet time without distraction of the senses can be bliss or it can be growth. 

Awareness peeks around the corner, Her cat eyes half-closed as She pads softly upon the tender field strewn with dandelion puffs waiting for the tiniest of winds to lift them away. She pauses and is perfection of stillness, Her wisdom a well of light with direct access to the core, the center, where molten gold swirls and pulsates. She knows and loves my curiosity, this sacred Awareness that sneaks up behind or leaps upon my shoulder in a single graceful bound of slow-motion purity to bathe in the glow of our wholeness.

The no-light becomes half-light as Her fingers pull the filmy veil further apart, revealing more.

Expansion and fullness, I feel so light that I rise above the call of comfort to rest in the puffs floating without tethers, yet Awareness keeps watch with her feline-like gaze and whispered purr of love here and now. We are present. Half-light shares divine wisdom and the golden opportunity to Be before becoming the new day. She reveals and is revealed.

An image striking, strange, even slightly repelling at first glance from what seemed to be an immense skull. Yet how often do I feel caught in thought like my head is all that I am and I must respond to its needs?! But then it starts to soften and become a field of awareness rather than a solid house for brain and thought wherein lie the demands of the world of form. Without substance, my mind is a source of energy waiting to be tapped, explored like a Journey to the Center of the Earth-Beyond, we are so much more than bone and blood and tissue, more than electrical impulse or vibration, yes, even more than the restrictive concepts that we create to try and make sense of the world in which we live that is really only a product of our imagination anyway!

And in the moment between then and future, I dwell in the now and I am One with Her, we are expansion rather than seeing it. We are all a single incredible vista of awareness that pulsates throughout all that is...

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