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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scarcity of Sunlight

Our house here in Maine was not, alas, built to take full advantage of the warm sunlight during winter.

However, where there is a beam of light coming in, Morgana can usually be found soaking it up (if she's not on the couch!). Before I grabbed my camera, her eyes were closed and her face was aimed directly into the light.

She looked incredibly blissful...


  1. Nice to meet sweet Morgana. I'd never seen a short coated collie before. It must be lovely to watch her enjoying the sunlight. :)

  2. She would love to meet you, too, Diane. :-) She's anxious to get moved to Arizona where there is lots more sunshine than here!

  3. Even though the moment was gone by the time you had camera in hand (OH, how well I know that!), I'm so glad you described it for us in words. I can totally see it, Morgana, eyes closed, with that sunbeam on her face! The image made me smile.

    And, so glad to know the pronounciation and meaning of "push-pa-vat!" I feel better now that I know it wasn't a cleverly disguised saying. This means I'm only "half clueless!" LOL!

  4. Brenda! I know you know how that is! LOL With animals, how many times do we reach for the camera and - poof! - the moment is gone. ;-)

  5. Wonderful shot! All of us need to grab for any bit of sunshine during these dark cold days.

  6. I love that shot...and I love the way dogs and cats always seem to be able to find the most narrow shaft of sunlight. And so often help us to find it, too. :-)

  7. Beth, your last sentence, in its wisdom, says it all ... in many ways our companions do indeed help us to find the light... :-)


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