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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Angel of Voice

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
From within She is born, an Angel of Voice, an Angel of Determination. She is the opening of heart and throat. She is the voice that speaks out when  fear is saying "hush." She is the voice that cries out when decorum says "be silent." Hers is the voice that knows to speak the Truth when it is kind and necessary. Angel of Voice, of expression, of creativity, of fluidity, of allowing a natural flow in place of control and rigidity.

I sit tight in Self, righteous, curled inward, compact and taking up as little space as possible, this tiny life that does not interfere and does not ask or invite. I sit in destiny's lap, keeping fingers and toes tucked within the circle of safety--like they tell us to on wild rides--where I am cared for and all my needs seen to, safe, tight, rigid, restrained, quiet, and watching the play of the carnival around me.

I look up and see my Angel with her scissor-wings cutting the satin cords that bind my voice, the silken ropes that wrap around my arms, the woven strands of angora yarn that encase my hands in soft mittens without thumbs. Without my Angel, I am safe and contained, but unable to write, to express, to give voice to all I see and feel and want to do and give and share. My Angel is snipping oh-so-delicately as She frees a thumb, then a finger! Wiggle room! Cool fresh air rushes inside replacing the stale weight of the cocoon. And from this space, this opening, a voice rushes out as words flow upon the parchment like a cleansing rain upon the white birch bark dirty from the construction project where mud and mortar, chemicals and tar had been flung in haste. Freedom!

Oh dearest Angel of Voice, sing with me as we break free and our words fly with joy out into the world!


These words are a poor substitute to truly describe the gratitude I feel for Strong Women who were brave enough to stand up for what they felt was right and true; for those whose roots were deeply sunk in determination and non-violence--determination to be honest in who they were or what they desired to do in the world. I honor their determination as they 'bit off more than they could chew' in order to bring bounty to us all. They had the courage and will to swing the pendulum to its extreme so that change could happen, and voices could be heard across land and sea, providing guidance from home to office, and sewing seeds from garden to legislature. Amazing Women. They inspire and so how can I then let my own voice remain unheard after all that others have sacrificed? Not out of obligation or duty do I express but out of love and gratitude for the gifts of all women who chose/choose to speak up, to speak out. And not only women but also loving the men who recognized and honored their own sacred feminine within and without, as well as the women they loved--mothers, sisters, partners, friends--in a tandem passage and commitment that also required courage and determination.

It doesn't matter who does or does not 'hear' me.
What matters is Truth--being true to my voice, expressing my heart, and sharing love, passion, and compassion.
And it doesn't matter from where in life I 'speak' my voice.
It only matters that I honor Voice when She calls.

Khepra, who never hesitates to use his Voice!


  1. When I went to graduate school to pursue my Masters of Social Work, only then did I discover how deficient my high school and undergraduate history education had been. Strong women, indeed!! Such inspiration to draw from. Khepra looks like the type to speak his mind...

  2. Poor substitute? Are you kidding? Strong woman, write, sing, draw, celebrate your full bossom and round belly and uterus that gives birth to all of these lovely creations!

  3. Brenda, this is most definitely an area in which education for the young is lacking; I didn't learn about Strong Women until I was enduring one of those 'dark nights of the soul' back in '95. I guess I sort of vaguely knew about women's history but only dribs and drabs that popped up in conversations. And, yes, Khepra does *not* hold back... :-)

  4. Bless you, Mermaid, you are one of my Angels! (((BIGHUG)))

  5. And let's hear it for the strong women who kept their families fed and clothed, who made a garden, who planted flowers amidst rocks, who kept on keeping on...


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