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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creating Rainbows

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
Awe ... Amazement ...

She is creating worlds of rainbows through me! Imagination is given free flight and bursts out like a galaxy born into the universe. Patterns swirl and templates shift as She guides me into a new paradigm, if I only accept an invisible gift.

Gaia is stepping into each one of us, inspiring and loving; showing the way to live softly and Be. For all around us is everything we could possibly need.

Could it be that even our food, tainted through ignorance and arrogance, is exactly what we need for it is teaching us to heal beyond matter, beyond the substance and our limited senses?

For all that we take in can be made pure through Gaia and the gift She bestows in our ability to transform by thought, mind, feeling, and no-thought -- to release our attachment to what has been damaged and how it is harming us to simply accept that when we bless our food through Her Grace, and know that nothing is what we see, then we understand that this does not have to be toxic food but rather energy and we can see the beauty and love potential in the form to transform into healing nourishment? Is it possible?

Can we bring this concept of what we refer to as imagination into this manifest world and know harmony, for what we see as Truth is what we become? And that this by its Nature shall show the way to loving Her, Self and Others as we see clearly and imagine beauty and harmony everywhere? She created our world, so can we -- by seeing, loving, knowing, Being in our hearts and souls the creations of conscious living -- not remove ourselves from the world but step into it more fully, knowing and honoring the merging for the benefit of all life?

Through this Sacred Union of creation and wisdom, we are made whole. Our wholeness becomes Her for She is with us every step of the way, not as a limited, anthropomorphized entity, but the Spirit of Pure Loving Being that is here, now, always. She is pure Intelligence and Wisdom, having brought Her formlessness into form and we - every elemental manifestation - are the result.

We have the ability to truly experience the wonders of manifest form from a space of awe and amazement -- to heal all that is.

All we have to do is CREATE! Stretch your rainbow like sweet taffy! Creation is the key to transformation and knowing the divinity of our world! To make, build, help, love, pray, embrace -- to do no harm in all that we do. 

This is the energy of Being that can bring about a new age, a dawning filled with rainbows that will have the flowers dancing, the trees laughing, the mountains roaring in such magnificent exclamations of delight that the rivers will giggle with glee!

There is an ember glowing within that can bring to light rainbows of magical transformation. I witness the ember shine more brightly as it becomes a galaxy within that must emerge and grow into creation! Each of us can create rainbows ... all we need is to know Her light within Self and within all Life reflecting Her essence.

This was quite the rambling stream of consciousness this morning! I felt jubilant and open, filled with a weird sort of conceptual shift that tilted my perception producing awe and amazement. As I transcribe here what I wrote much earlier in my journal (which is my usual process), I feel faith that a missing piece of our Unitarian puzzle is right around the corner...?


  1. "Through this Sacred Union of creation and wisdom, we are made whole." GORGEOUS insight...you are flowing in deep grace today ♥


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