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Thursday, January 6, 2011


To stand in a distant land, open, broad expanse, surreal. A quest. Sky as far as the eye could imagine, stretching to the beyond and further. Resting in this moment, She holds me tall and straight, soft edges, folds and crevices buried in filmy outline. Steady and serene, I know. Knowing a perfect moment of green sky and purple ground, of yellow trees that aren't themselves and a breeze that sings of the Infinite.

The path calls and I step forward, heel, toe, weight shifting, feeling Her move beneath my feet and within my heart and whirling through my mind as a kaleidoscope of color and possibility. I am a pilgrim in this world where only She and I dwell for an instant in the forever.

A mist rolls in and all becomes as if it never was and I reach out in a moment of fear only to feel Her touch in that same moment, taking my hand and placing it over my heart, folding it within the other. The calm returns and the gray recedes, all clear.

I feel now the nearness of others, their green prickly arms curving out and up, towering over me to become the new sentinels in a new world. I am insignificant, reveling in my non-essential Being that is always present but unnecessary in form except to be part of Her whole. Standing within the midst of so many who are wiser, older, ancient beyond time, I smile in gratitude simply to be here now.

A flood of water rushing toward me catches me off guard although it turns a bend as it nears, and I see Her hand guiding it around me so that I am not swept away in the gullies created that are washing away the sand where I stand. I feel the loose grains shift and now stepping back easily, in confidence, able to participate in the jubilant waters that have swelled so suddenly, and also remain steadfast upon the ever-changing path. Quest.

Sighing with contentment, all I have to do is turn slightly and see the flowers springing up everywhere! They invite my journey, leading me in their glorious abundance along the edge of the flowing river within the deepening canyon walls, their little faces smiling, heads nodding, leaves waving and beckoning.

The landscape changes, always changing, and we merge, transforming.

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