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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wise Woman

SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
She wraps herSelf in Gaia, shimmering in Her essence, and allows healing to flow from and through and out of her to those in need--to those who are not yet ready to release, open, accept, embrace . . . to encourage, support, facilitate healing on all levels of being. She is Wise Woman. She moves through life sharing and caring.

Sharing healing energy with others brings joy and connection - connectivity. These energies swirl all around us and within each of us even when we are unaware. 

Imagine if each of us were to bring an openness into our lives . . . an open heart of love and a passion for sharing and caring. Not only for others, for we must be the caring of Self first for otherwise the carrying - the carrier - is tainted at a deep soul level, trailing a miasm like a shadow that touches those who draw too near, leaving a bit of soot that smudges the light. 

Imagine how it feels to be in the presence of someone who truly loves their Self as Divine. To be with someone who knows that She is within and without. To be with that person who is firmly rooted in Gaia, Presence, Goddess, the Sacred, for she feels the pulsing presence of the Infinite and it shows in her life, in her communion with all of nature, all that is natural. Maybe the person is a solitary but still we know her sacred nature, and simply to sit in her light is peaceful. And then . . . imagine if we were all like this! Imagine if we were each of us so content with our lives and with the world around us that the healing energies were fluid and flowed unhindered. To know that whatever the outward circumstances, we remained centered and heart-whole, sharing and caring. Be the Wise Woman! What bliss!

Infinite energy channels flowing through this world sharing, caring, feeling, healing, bringing love and peace to souls and senses. From Reiki to all the many, many ways of healing through energy transfer that have traveled through the ages and are once more becoming prominent, all are mere pointers to the Infinite ocean of healing that is always with us and within us. 

Hands are a representation for sending energy, for touching and connecting. We don't have to use them and yet they are a bridge--visually and physically--that allows us to know the connections and direction of flow. Our physical bodies provide a surrogate through which we know The Divine and share Her with others, we and they witnessing with our senses the direct perception of energy in a way that brings light to the manifest world of experience.

Wise Woman breathes up from Gaia the healing of the world. She is a vessel of Gaia, a channel, a symbol that many are reconnecting with in this earth walk. She honors birth and death, encouraging the re-emergence of ritual and ceremony in our daily lives. Rituals are powerful from the simplest to the most elaborate. They allow us to connect creatively with Divinity in a way that our physical bodies and minds understand. Rituals denote the sacred in life, honoring all aspects of Self.

Imagine all of us standing together, breathing in sharing and caring, bringing forth Wise Woman, and then releasing this pure Divine energy into the world!

As I later look into a friend's eyes, I realize that I write of the ideal because I have faith that all is possible. Yet I also know that a journey is each moment, and here and now is perfect with its 'flaws' just as we are each perfect as we embrace our flaws with compassion -- the sharing and caring of Self.
Joxer - the aforementioned friend


  1. yes the flaws, these cracks in our comfortable shells that open us to deeper darkness and penetrating light...the places where healing truly can take place. Beautiful.

  2. Truly, your heart brings such clarity, Laura. For we accept and embrace these flaws, yet we also allow them to fly free away from any attachments we may form to them. Life is an incredible journey, isn't it?


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