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Saturday, January 22, 2011


SoulCards(c) Deborah Koff-Chapin
I sit upon the incline, dreaming of life in its mysterious ups and downs.
Below lay the twinkling sea of opportunity, glittering in its invitation.
Yet I look up to the heavens, an Auroric night of flashing insight . . . openings into Being.
I feel expansion and light as I sit in the presence of Gaia.


This image represents a mirror of my Soul. I remember when I used to hike the mountains; I remember finding an outcropping and just sitting, looking, listening, feeling. Not for extended periods of time back then, but it was a vital form of renewal and rejuvenation . . . to pause in peace.

I sit at ease and feel the breeze within the pause of peace.
I raise my face into Her Grace where all resolves without a trace.
And sitting here I feel no fear for She has dried my tears.
So now I feel my heart can heal for Love is all that's real.


A simple message, a precious image, and one I can appreciate deeply today as we prepare to assist one of my beloved companions in the transition out of her current form. Chiana is ready, has been for a while probably, and so am I--finally.

I've lived with many incredible companion animals over the years, present in the transitions for fifteen of these precious souls, yet each one is unique and the decision to assist has never been easy--probably never will be, and perhaps that is as it must be. The journey of each soul is a treasure.

photo courtesy Green Hope Farm,
all rights reserved
I was drawn intensely this week, thanks to Molly's timely blog post, to obtain a bottle of Coralita, a Green Hope Farm Flower Essence--to untangle my emotions, to receive clarity--and I feel Coralita has been an angel, a lovely source of peace and presence for which I'm very grateful. Sometimes I feel like there are so many strands running through my life that I get all tangled in them, like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn . . . until it becomes dangerous and hard to step out of, the threads clinging and confusing. The more I would move, the more knotted they became. And the only way to find freedom is to relax, accept, let the vibrations be pure; to accept and let the strands fall away like magic for they have only the energy I feed to them, these thoughts or worries or even joys when there are too many to manage without beautiful clarity. Coralita helped me to be still, feel the clearing and supportive vibrations, be present.

As in the SoulCard image, I pause now, contemplate and light fills my mind, sweeping away the overwhelm, leaving only peace and love. I allow my heart to open . . . and it is filled with love.


  1. Never easy, saying goodbye to these dear friends. But it's good to know when the time comes.

  2. What a beautiful post. I shed a tear for Chiana as I read. Well, no, not for Chiana, because I believe with all my heart that she will continue to Be, somewhere. But for you. It is so hard saying goodbye. ((hugs))

  3. Thank you so much, Vicki and Brenda...

  4. I feel your sadness and peace all at the same time in the womb of the Heart - and - the strength of your love for Chiana that deeply knows that all there is, is Love and Grace... May you both experience a peaceful transition...

    Love, Christine

  5. Oh, my heart goes out to you, Darla, as you say goodbye to your friend, Chiana. I know from experience how hard that is--they are such blessings to us. Peace and comfort to you as you say goodbye.

  6. Thank you, dear Christine and Beth...


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